Curriculum Vitae

Dr. med. Birgit Stolze

Specialist in Hematology and Oncology, Transfusionmedizin, Palliative Care  


  • Since 09/2016 Own rooms as specialist in hematology and oncology in private practice „PRIO Mensch“ Cologne, Germany
  • Since 2016 Spezialist in palliative care medicine
  • 2014–2016 Hematologist in stemcell research and stemcell collection Cellex Cologne, ECTU(Early Clinical Trail Unit) RheinRuhr, Cologne, Germany
  • 2012–2014 Leading Consultant and Deputy Director of Oncolgy and Hematology at the  Klinikum Hameln, Germany
  • Since 2011 Director at the „Sonnenbergklinik, Specialized Rehabilitation Clinic in Oncology and Hematology and Immunology“, Bad Sooden Allendorf, Germany
  • 2010–2011 Consultant for Hematology and Oncology at St. Lukas Kliniken Solingen, Solingen, Germany
  • 2009–2010 Consultant for Integrative Oncology and Hematology at „Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke”, Germany.
  • Since 2009 Specialist in Hemetaology and Oncology
  • 2009-2009 Senior Physician Medical Clinic III, Department of Hematology and Oncology University Hospital Bonn. (Director: Prof. Dr. med. P. Brossart)
  • Since 2008 Specialist in Internal Medicine
  • 2007–2008 Hematology Registrar, Oncology Registrar, Department of Hematology and Oncology, Universityhospital Göttingen. (Director: Prof. Dr. med. L. Trümper)
  • 2006–2007 Hematology and Oncology Registrar, St. Antonious Hospital Eschweiler, Clinic for Haematology and Oncology, Eschweiler, Germany. 
  • 2004–2006 Hematology Registrar, Oncology Registrar Nepean Hospital, Cancer Care Center Penrith, NSW, Australia. (Director: Prof. J. Wiley, Director: Dr. J. Shannon)
  • 2002–2004 Medical Haematology Registrar, “HELIOS Klinikum Wuppertal”, Clinic for Haematology Oncology and Nephrology, Medical Clinic I, Wuppertal, Germany (Director: Prof. Dr. med. A. Raghavachar)
  • 2001–2002 Registrar in Haematology and Transfusion medicine, University Clinics Bonn,“Institute for Experimental Hematology and Transfusion-Medicine", University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany. Terms: "Stem cell separation and preparation, Immunhaematology Hemostasis and Thrombosis" (Director: Prof. Dr. med. P. Hanfland)
  • 2000–2001 Medical Registrar, „Sana Klinikum Remscheid“, Medical Clinic I, Clinic for Hematology, Oncology and Nephrology, Remscheid, Germany (Director: Prof. Dr. med. A. Wehmeier)
  • 1999–2000 Residency at the Medical Clinic I, Clinic for Haematology and Oncology University Clinics Cologne, Cologne, Germany (Director: Prof. Dr. med. V. Diehl)
  • 1997–1998 Medical Internships: Evangelical Hospital Kalk, Cologne, Germany, Teaching Hospital University of Cologne and University of Tasmania, Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, Australia
  • 1996–2001 Doctor of Medicine PhD in Immunology at the “Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf”  
  • 1996 Studies for doctoral grade in HIV disease at E.L.C.T.N.E.D. Bumbuli Hospital, Bumbuli, Tanga, Tanzania, East Africa
  • 1990–1998 Medical Graduate studies at the University of Cologne, medical school („Universität zu Köln“), Graduation: „III-Staatsexamen“
  • 1993–1994 Exchange Graduate Student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA Graduate Studies in Cell Molecular Biology (CMNS), Biochemistry and Public Health. 
  • 1990–1992 Undergraduate Medical studies/Preclinical Studies at the Marburger School of Medicine („Philipps University of Marburg“)

Research projects

  • 1993–1994 "DNA Recognition by Flexible Protein Domains“ by Dr. Steven E. Seifried, Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • 1997–2001 Doctoral Thesis: "Women and AIDS: Immunological Studies in Vaginal Secretion of HIV-infected Women with Candidiasis and an Epidemiological Study of Gynecological Infection in HIV-positive Women". Prof. Dr. U. Koldovsky, Institute of Oncology in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Duesseldorf, Germany. 


  • 1990–1999 Scholarship of the „Hans Boeckler Foundation“ (HBS), Sponsorship for talented students, Duesseldorf, Germany


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